Speech Recognition
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I apologize if this is an off-topic. Even if it is, I'm sure many would find it useful if someone shares some thoughts and suggestions.

After long hiatus and having to use Mac, I'm finally back to using Linux.

One of the things I'm missing is the alternative to Dictation. Which works beautifully on Mac. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything to replace it. The closest thing I found is nerd-dictation, which kind of works, but it's not as smooth as the Mac thing, and it doesn't properly do the punctuation. Also, it seems that nerd-dictation is inference only, meaning that it doesn't adapt to your style and doesn't try to learn patterns over time.

Can anyone suggest anything better?

The second, somewhat related use case I have, for which, btw I didn't have a solution on the Mac either, is transcribing .mp3 files. Does anyone know a cmd-line utility to which you can feed an .mp3 file of arbitrary length and it would extract the text from it?

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