I hope this is the right place to ask. I have fairly extensive Linux experience, but more on the server side. I've never been able to get the desktop end to meet my needs.

I am completely fed up with Windows 11's junk at this point. Sure, it runs everything, but I spend half my time fixing it. I switched my former business to all Ubuntu and magically I was able to focus on my actual job, not part time IT.

I'm hoping someone can chime in as to if the following are possible yet. I've done my homework, and can't find quite perfect solutions, but all of these are necessary to me switching:

  1. Hardest one - Excel (and now, unfortunately, Outlook and Teams) - I feel like Libre is always a few steps behind, and with some new work I do, I absolutely have to work with Outlook and use Teams. It's regular work, and some is on my i7-1260p laptop, so I don't think running a VM is going to cut it :/
  2. Easier one - I rely on switching between desktops using my Logitech mice's thumb wheels. I'm open to alternatives, but I definitely need a fast mouse-based way to switch between desktops quickly. I've run some kind of sketchy utilities that can do this before, but they seemed laggy.
  3. Hard-ish one - I have some really really nice audio equipment and I'm picky about the audio streaming services I use. Currently Amazon Music because everything is FLAC and a lot is 24-bit sampling rate. Apparently the web interface doesn't support 24-bit, and some Electron app no longer works. I am open to switching services, but it's just with the amount I've invested in my audio setup, I want to have the best source I can. Amazon, as much as I can't stand them, seems to have the best blend of track library and sound quality. I hope this doesn't sound snooty, it's just a hobby that brings me a lot of happiness, and it's worth tolerating Windows just so I at least feel like I'm getting the most out of my audio equipment investment.

Thanks for any thoughts. I try desperately every 6 or so months to switch to Linux for a lot of reasons, but it feels like I can never make it work :/ If it says anything, I'm even willing to give up the Windows-only games I play just to move to something that's actually stable, consistent, and responsive.

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